Healing the world one heart at a time

Sharing the teaching of Quan Yin, the Essence of Compassion

as channeled by Reverend Charlotte Tinker


From Quan Yin

"Each of you is a lantern. The candle within is your Power. Your personal power is the Light you carry.  Your Teachers tell you it is your job to carry more Light so you may be a person who carries Light in the world and heals and comforts those who come near you.  It is not the Light which is comforting or dis-comforting.  It is the vehicle in which the Light is carried.  It is for you, each of you, to heal - to clean each of the facets of the lantern so Light shines through clearly and beautifully on all that is around you."
Quan Yin Speaks: Wisdom for a New Century, pg. 113
Visit Quan Yin in an established Sitting Circle, or arrange for an Evening With Quan Yin in your home with your friends.
Many of Quan Yin's lessons have been transcribed and self-published in a series of books and pamphlets as "Quan Yin Speaks". They are available for purchase at our Books 'n' Things page.