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Sharing the teaching of Quan Yin, the Essence of Compassion

as channeled by Reverend Charlotte Tinker


From Quan Yin

"It is time for each of you to let go of the preconceived ideas (about relationships) you have inherited and have nurtured for all of your lives. You carry in your fields and in your subconscious, a pattern - a belief - of how a relationship "should" be.  It is time for you to invent for yourselves the way your relationships "will" be."
From Quan Yin Speaks: Wisdom For a New Centruy


Visit Quan Yin in an established Sitting Circle, or arrange for an Evening With Quan Yin in your home with your friends.
Many of Quan Yin's lessons have been transcribed and self-published in a series of books and pamphlets as "Quan Yin Speaks". They are available for purchase at our Books 'n' Things page.