Healing the world one heart at a time

Sharing the teaching of Quan Yin, the Essence of Compassion

as channeled by Reverend Charlotte Tinker


From Quan Yin

"Self-Sacrifice: It does not help anyone, including you. Self-sacrifice only makes dead bodies.  It does not change the world. Self-Healing changes the world.  Soul-Self -Love changes the world. Self-Forgiveness changes the world.  These make you free and now you are a free member of the Light. You freely carry Light, brighter and brighter each time you forgive yourself. That changes the world. Trying to 'fix' someone else does not change the world.  Self-Sacrifice does not change the world."   Quan Yin 4/2017   

"The Peace you are seeking is not about "them". It is about you. It is not to be at peace because something has changed, but to be at Peace with yourself because you are able to take care of your own wholeness, whatever the situation or event. That is the Peace you are seeking."   Quan Yin 4/2017

"Life Force moves itself. It flows from it's own center of Being, outward in ripples. It creates as It will. You are part of that Life Force that creates as It will, and when you can align yourself in trust and awareness that whatever the wave is that is coming for you, is yours, than you can ride that wave and be part of whatever it creates for you in your life. When you have not made rules about how It must  be, then It is free to unfold in front of you and every day is different."  Quan Yin   9/2017 

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Many of Quan Yin's lessons have been transcribed and self-published in a series of books and pamphlets as "Quan Yin Speaks". They are available for purchase at our Books 'n' Things page.