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From Quan Yin

2016 - The vibration for the year 2016 is Nine (9).  However we look at it, from whatever point of view, 9 symbolizes a powerful vibration!  It is the conclusion of a cycle in which everything gained, lost and/or learned comes together, hopefully in an integrated and sustainable way, providing a firm groundwork upon which the new cycle begins.  In Tarot 9 is The Hermit and symbolizes the conclusion of "The Great Work"; that state of Being in which you and The One are the same in every thought, every action, every cell: There is only The One.  The Hermit stands upon the heights as a beacon, a single light in the darkness.  For those who undertake to climb the mountain to self-discovery, The Hermit shines Its Light upon the path below.  In numerology, the vibration of 9 is about Universality & Brotherhood; service at its highest level, wisdom, compassion & idealism.  In general, look beyond the obvious.  Look to your deeper knowing, your deeper wisdom, your deeper connection to all of Life and the unbreakable thread that makes you one with, and part of, That One From Which All Life has Its Being.
How to figure your Personal Year?  Add together your Birth Month, Birth Date and the Current Year.  Example: 8.15.2016 = 23 = 5
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