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Sharing the teaching of Quan Yin, the Essence of Compassion

as channeled by Reverend Charlotte Tinker


From Quan Yin

"When you have lost your fear: your fear of death; your fear of being unloved; your fear of being misunderstood; your fear of not having enough to eat or a place to stay: When you have lost all of your fear, you are very dangerous to the world you live in because no one has power over you.  No one can control you;  not your thoughts, not your decisions, not your feelings, not your life.  You are in perfect alignment with That which you are, which is Creator.  No one can do anything to you, because you have no fear about what will happen.  Now you live free and that makes you dangerous to the world you live in." 
  Quan Yin,  August 14, 2015


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Many of Quan Yin's lessons have been transcribed and self-published in a series of books and pamphlets as "Quan Yin Speaks". They are available for purchase at our Books 'n' Things page.