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Sharing the teaching of Quan Yin, the Essence of Compassion

as channeled by Reverend Charlotte Tinker


From Quan Yin

"You are an energetic form which has a physical component.
There are certain patterns in the Cosmic level. Look at the Galaxy, with the Suns and Moons; everything moving around it. This is a very small pattern of energy which is truly a spiral, and is always in motion and in movement.
Within each of your cells is the same pattern.

When you walk on the Earth in that same or similar pattern, you trigger the larger energetic patterns on the spirals. Depending on which level of this spiral you are connecting to at that moment, will open different memories. You are actually replicating, in a small way, the physical movement of the energy pattern of the Cosmic Spiral.

Whatever you are doing, you are INSCRIBING AN ENERGETIC PATTERN PHYSICALLY (ct. inscribing a physical pattern energetically), whether you are on a labyrinth or not,

When you are walking from your car to your house; when you are walking through your house; when you are walking on the path to the beach; when you are driving in your car or sitting in front of your computer or your television box; when you bring yourself physically or energetically to this place, among these peoples, you are inscribing a 'physical pattern energetically'.

You are very bound, all of you, by these patterns that you inscribe in your lives without recognizing that you are doing it. Some of these patterns support you beautifully, and some do not support you as well. Some support you in some ways but not in other ways, so you create for yourselves a combination of a bigger pattern which includes smaller patterns.  
When you have created these energetic patterns in physical form, they now become part of you and you can "walk" any pattern, even if you are sitting in your chair.

This is a small part of a very much larger spiral of energy which is Life, and which is always in motion and movement. It is always expanding and contracting.  It is always creating and un-creating; although even the un-creating is part of the creating.

When you are walking on the labyrinth or dancing on the spiral:
When you are in the quietude of your resting breath:
You can consciously experience part of the patterns on the spirals you have created and are creating."  Quan Yin

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